Hyde Park's investors enjoy direct access to an asset class that has been predominantly driven by owner liquidity and bank debt over the last fifty years. While traditional private equity has recently been attracted to the stability and cash flow profile of franchise businesses, especially in fast food, Hyde Park provides asset managers and family offices a direct opportunity to invest in a team experienced in both operations and M&A bypassing layers of fees.

Hyde Park is a vertically integrated private investment firm that acquires, develops, invests in, and operates multi-unit blue chip franchises and accompanying real estate. We offer high net worth investors a new approach through an operator-led platform with day to day operating, development and investment responsibilities. It has demonstrated a history of identifying and creating value through the strategic acquisition and development of the real estate underneath its restaurants. Paired with a focused restaurant acquisition strategy of leveraging its executive-level relationships, Hyde Park plans to become one of the largest privately held restaurant and real estate investment groups in the country over the next 10 years.

With an excellent operating history, financial sophistication, and focus on technology-enabled process improvements, Hyde Park Ventures is disrupting traditional hospitality franchise investing.

For information on Hyde Park's fundraising initiatives, please complete the NDA and submit via email to jody@hydeparkventures.com